Whether it’s a house extention, a new room or renovation, or may be a small floor covering, just give us a call or email your needs, we will get back to you shortly to review your requests.


A new living room, dining room, bedroom or a new office and you don’t know what color to choose for the walls, or the design of your carpet or even the furnitures. We are at your service to make it real and fast.


From one wall to all of it, even a 1sqm is a unique job for us and we will do our best to do it.


Something is not working properly, you have a leak in your bathroom or kitchen, or even you need to change a bulb, we are just at a phone call distance for your needs.


Safety is important for our life. You may need to change your electrical circuits, plugs or installations. We are highly experienced in different types of electrical jobs even for small and big industries.